Alwyn “Daddy Jones” Baptiste is a master craftsman. To music lovers in the Virgin and Leeward islands, he is not only a legend but a pop culture fixture. The master keyboardist, arranger and beat maker has been in the business of creating Soca hits for decades. There are very few producers that can match his creativity r his record of hits! Daddy Jones has produced for aritsts and bands and several islands and his productions include artists from several islands. Growing up in St. Croix Daddy Jones was encouraged and inspired by his father, Alwyn Baptiste Sr. He remembers literally sitting at his father’s side observing his prowess, not only as a composer but as a musician. He marveled at his ability and the respect his dad had among fellow musicians. Through his teens Jones tried his hand at different sports. He was a high-level performer academically and at one point thought seriously about going to law school. As disciplined a person as he is, he more than likely would have succeeded. However, as he indicates, he had no choice. Music had a hold of him since childhood and it would not let go. At carnival time, Alwyn Baptiste puts on his cape and transforms into Daddy Jones, the musical superhero that has inspired legions of keyboardists and rhythm programmers across the Caribbean. He has produced for some of the Caribbean’s best including the late “Daddy Friday”. Daddy Jones has won coveted Road March titles in an unprecedented 6 countries. As much as he has accomplished, Daddy Jones is not yet done. He has his eyes set on taking his brand of Soca production into the rest of the world. He is determined to make the would bounce to a Daddy Jones Riddim. This is the story… thus far… of Alwyn “Daddy Jones” Baptiste.