Arthur Ward has always been curious. His childhood in the Caribbean saw him taking hikes with friends into caves and bushes for the sheer purpose of exploring. Much to the chagrin of his mother, Arthur’s curiosity led him to dismantle many of his toys and upon occasion, some household appliances. Arthur just wanted know how things worked.

In time Arthur discovered cameras. Instead of merely finding out how things worked, he now had a zest for documenting them. His curiosity about things and people could now be captured and preserved in images.

After joining his high school’s track team, the visionary recognized that some of his fellow track athletes had incredible stories that were not being told by any media outlets. Arthur, along with his friend Rohan decided to do something about it. They formed a small production company and began to cover every sport being played on the island. Little did he know, but this crash course in business would prepare him solidly for adventures and endeavors that were just beyond the horizon.

In the past few years, Arthur has continued his exploring ways. From climbing the snow-capped mountains of western Canada, to walking the enchanted beaches of New Zealand, Arthur Ward has taken his curiosity on the road.

Oh yea, about his love for cameras? Arthur has parlayed that love into his own thriving photography and video production company in one of Canada’s bustling cities.

This is the story… thus far… Of Arthur Ward