Azana Serene is an absolute joy to speak to. The young Los Angeles native grew up knowing that she had a passion for fashion.

That passion turned into reality when she was accepted to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandizing (FIDM.) Her experience there would shift her thinking completely. The relationships made, the lessons learned and the mentorship had would prepare Azana for life as a fashion designer.

At an age that many would consider too tender to go into business, Azana decided to take the plunge. After much thought, planning and counsel, she created Azana Serene. An elegant clothing like for women.

Her designs are dramatic, the angles, color scheme and overall aesthetic of the brand can be likened to a powerful piece of art depicting rough seas or a cyclone. They are exciting, yet practical. Artistic, yet made for the everyday woman.

With a red carpet client already under her belt, Azana Serene is the definition of success and goals for young entrepreneurs. Never one to be arrogant, she is all business when necessary and all lovely when needed. With her beloved bowl of peanut M&Ms by her side, Azana Serene is only just beginning. Trust me, you will see her evening wear and recently introduced day wear grace elite red carpets, runways around the world and oh yes, her own branded boutiques. But that is all still to come. In the meantime.

This is the story... thus far.... of Azana Serene