Barth! If you have never heard the name, it is now time to remember it! Barth is poised to be the next big… no colossal thing in fashion.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Barth was influenced early on by styles, cuts and colors on the streets of New York. New York City’s streets are infamous for doubling as the world’s favorite runways and catwalks. Unknown to a young Barth, these sights would influence him in years to come. Barth admits that he wasn’t initially a “fashion guy”. Like every other New Yorker, he loved to look good. He appreciated designs that were not common but didn’t see a future in that industry. Barth was a designer at heart, but of a different kind. His passion layed in creating huge spaces. Barth wanted to design buildings. After graduating from Howard University with a degree in architecture Barth was excited to affix his creations on boulevards and blocks across the globe. He however grew disenchanted when he realized that most developers were not so much interested in the creative or the aesthetically pleasing, but in simply maximizing profit from square buildings.

Barth knew that there had to be some other way to express the myriad of ideas floating around in his mind. After some research he came to realize that legendary fashion designers such as Coco Chanel, Tom Ford and Virgil Abloh all had architectural backgrounds. This was the fuel that Barth needed. He flew to Europe and explored the fashion scene. From fashion houses to fashion shows, Barth was inspired and there was no turning back. He returned to the US and thus B Gold NYC was born.

After years of designing and promoting his brand, several celebrities and high-profile individuals started to take notice and wear his pieces. That recognition led to him being selected for HBO Max’s “The Hype”; a street wear competition series that highlights the top tier of street wear designers. Barth as you would imagine emerged victorious.

Equipped with that title, incredible designs, his wit and cleverness, an unmatched work ethic and a vision for creating stunning garments Barth has only just begun.

This is the story… thus far… of Barth of B Gold NYC