Bianca Dijkhoffz has red hair. However, that is not the only unique thing about her. She is a burst of energy and quite honestly one of the most awesome persons you’ll meet. She was raised on the island of Saint Maarten. Her dad is from the island and a mom is from the United States. This gave her a very unique perspective, experiencing the Caribbean, yet having access to the thoughts and perspectives of someone that was raised in a larger country. Both philosophies on life resonated with her and shaped her view of the world.

At a tender age Bianca fell in love with the arts. She took lessons in violin and the piano as well as dance. Along the way she left the violin behind and stuck with the piano and dance. To this day she plays and composes her own pieces on the piano. Dance however, took hold of her from the very beginning and never let her go. To see Bianca on stage is to be entertained and to be inspired. Whether viewing her work on television, in films, on stage or in a music video it is quite evident that she has a burning passion for the art form and is immensely talented.

Her zest for life is undeniable. As long as it is positive and helps her to grow, Bianca, will sign up for it. She is adventurous yet practical. She has her sights set on big city lights and global performances yet retains a soul of that sweet little girl that was raised in the Caribbean.

Bianca Dijkhoffz however, is not done. As a matter of fact, she is far from it. She has now taken on a new challenge.

This is the story ... Thus far ... Of Bianca Dijkhoffz.