Brad Hemmings’ father is Jamaican. His mother Trinidadian. Both islands are rich in culture and history. Jamaica has gifted to the world reggae music, while Trinidad and Tobago has gifted the steel drum, Calypso and Soca music. It is with this portent blend of music, food, knowledge and vibe that Brad Hemmings was raised. Brad grew up being influenced by and understanding the beauty of Caribbean music. He saw how Caribbean music could affect and change the world.

When Brad was a teenager, he moved to South Florida. While South Florida may have had a similar temperature, the Caribbean it was not. Brad, was forced to adjust to many things that he was not used to. However, he was introduced to facets of American culture that would aid in his development. He recalls getting a full and true understanding of hip hop and being able to truly identify the relationship between it and the music of the Caribbean.

Brad knew that a career in music was in his future. Growing up in a musical family and around one of Jamaica's premier stage in lighting technicians, he quickly learned the business and formed relationships at all levels. Unbeknownst to him at the time, those relationships would usher him into what would become one of the most successful companies to represent Caribbean artists globally. Brad’s company, Caribbean Entertainment, has booked and represented some of the top artists in the world. In addition, he has been the catalyst to getting artists into countries on every inhabited continent. Caribbean Entertainment is also the company that introduced China to its first Soca concert. With a who's who of artists on his roster, Brad can book you virtually any top Caribbean artist at virtually any venue in the world. Brad has also done the reverse, bringing some of the United States’ top acts into the Caribbean.

Now Brad and his team are adding to their already stellar accomplishments. They have now embarked on artist management, starting with global Soca sensation Mr. Killa.

But like any ambitious Caribbean entrepreneur, Brad Hemmings is not done yet.


This is the story ... Thus far ... Of Brad Hemmings.