Take 2 parts historian, one part activist, 3 parts teacher and 4 parts fashion guru and you will end up with a potent blend called Bramma.

Bramma is a man of many talents who thinks on many levels. He was born and raised in Trinidad by a Trinidadian mother and a Jamaican father. Having parents from two different countries contributed to his understanding of the Caribbean, its people and its culture. What added to this, was the fact that he had the opportunity at a young age to travel. Bramma was not only a “Beewee” baby, but was a decorated swimmer for Trinidad and Tobago’s National team.

Bramma would go on to Howard University to study engineering.  He became a teacher in Washington DC. He admits that while it was his job to teach his students, he soaked up many lessons from them. His students inspired him. The true understanding of African people developing new cultures through the lens of slavery and colonization in the Caribbean, North and South America started to intrigue him more and more. Bramma, an already avid reader began to read voraciously about the movement, culture and general history of all African people. He expanded his studies to other ethnicities as well.

Though Bramma always had a love for history and culture there was another passion that he would not begin to fully explore until recently. In his teens and early 20s, he remembers having a love for styling himself particularly when it came to sneakers. Years on, Bramma is one of the founders and the Creative Director of Third World Famous. Third World Famous is a clothing line that merges fashion with the cultures, history and style motif of third world countries. Bramma’s vision for 3rd world famous is enormous. With his drive and knowledge, there is no stopping him.

These are just a few parts of the Bramma blend, and this is the story… thus far… of Bramma.