Dorinda Medley an entrepreneur and cast member of the Real Housewives of New York once said “Money shouts, wealth whispers.” Chad Kent whispers. He speaks softly and never too much. His work however, shouts at the highest possible measures of amplification.

Growing up on Anguilla, Chad had dreams… big dreams. While walking home from school one day, he asked his friend “Do you ever feel like we were put here on earth for a bigger purpose than we think?” His friend said yes and advised that whatever he wanted to accomplish he had to speak it into existence. That conversation put things into perspective for Chad and unearthed an even stronger desire within him to succeed.

Chad wanted to be a successful music producer. His mother noticed that he had a flair for the artform at an early age and encouraged him to pursue his dream. His mother’s support was a huge plus but Chad was also in luck. His teenage years saw the advent and subsequent popularity of internet chat rooms. While others were joining chat rooms to meet strangers from other countries or even find dates, Chad’s focus was the total opposite. Even as a teen he was wise enough to use these platforms to meet older and more successful music producers from around the world. Imagine their surprise when they found out that these incredible beats were being sent to them by a teenager on a tiny island in the Caribbean.

Chad would eventually use some of the relationships formed with his friends from the internet and parlay that into a contract with one of Hip-Hop’s top managers, Julian Boothe.

After years producing sounds for some of hip-hop’s biggest names as well as TV shows and commercials, he returned to his native Anguilla to continue his adventure.

Today, he produces Reggae and Soca upon occasion, however Chad has found a new obsession. Filmmaking. As uncanny as it may seem, Chad is as excellent a cinematographer and editor as he is a music producer. With several music videos under his belt, Chad has become the talk of the town having worked behind the camera for some of Soca’s top tier artists.

But Chad is never comfortable. He has his sights set on doing even more…

This is the story… So far… Of Chad Kent!