Cherrod Lewis remembers listening to R&B for most of his childhood. His two older sisters were uber fans of the genre. Naturally their love for the genre and music in general had a huge impact on their little brother. Cherrod’s thoughts however ran a lot deeper than just knowing the hit songs. He wanted to know how they were created. He recalls spending hours trying to deconstruct the tones, drums, melodies and other sounds that he was hearing.

By his early teenage years, he was convinced. Music wasn’t just something that he loved; music was who he was. Cherrod joined with a few friends and formed The Supreme Band. They were an instant hit. Supreme would go on to produced 3 albums and become one of the new it bands among teens on the island.

One night outside of a local beach bar, Cherrod was approached by the artist Panther. Panther is one of Anguilla’s biggest Soca stars. Panther complimented him on the night’s performance but then shocked him by asking him to join his band. It was a no brainer, Cherrod had dreamed about such an opportunity since childhood. After studying every one of the songs on the bands’ latest album, he blew away the band’s members and the band’s management at his audition. Within days he would hit the stage with the infamous Panther Vibes International (PVI).

As one of two producers with PVI, Cherrod’s star continued to rise as he produced and assisted with creating hit after hit for the band. Life was good. Cherrod however did not want to be complacent. He decided to hoist his anchor and enroll in Full Sail University in Florida. Full Sail opened an entire new world to Cherrod. By the time he graduated he was one of the most sought-after young producer/ engineers in the Caribbean.

Today, he splits his time between studios in Miami, his native Anguilla and Trinidad. Do you need a smash hit? Get in line. Cherrod is usually booked solid. A testament to his penchant for producing hits and making them sound exquisite through his engineering. He has already produced for Soca’s A list, but Cherrod is not finished. He has his sights set on new markets and new artists. And if history is an indicator, he will accomplish those goals.

In the meantime. This is the story, thus far… of Cherrod Lewis.