Simba and Chev, Chev and Simba. No matter the order of their names, their power remains the same.

Simba was born and raised on Anguilla. Chev Jamaica. The two met at Toronto’s famed York University and became fast friends. Their personalities melded and they eventually started dating.

Chev and Simba’s energies and personalities propelled them to become much more than a romantic couple. With the power of YouTube and other social media platforms in their grasp, Chev and Simba are well on their way to establishing a multi-media empire. With their charisma and natural talent, they manage to keep their almost 400 thousand subscribers entertained and satisfied across two channels.

While continuing to build their following, Chev and Simba are now expanding their brand into products. Simba’s marketing degree coupled with Chev’s sense of style and knowledge of hair care is a match made in cyberspace. Their business savvy is noteworthy. Their courage is admirable. They have taken on traditional thoughts of what a career looks like and emerged victorious. They have embraced modern technology and media and they are molding it to their liking. Chev admits that while she has a passion for all things media, she’s still thinking about building on her political science degree with a law degree. Simba has begun exploring his acting chops and promises that we will either see or hear him in productions outside of YouTube in the near future.

Chev and Simba are not a stereotypical YouTube couple simply seeking outside validation or involving themselves in senseless antics. They are a focused, planned and visionary young couple who are destined for huge success. From their travel blogs to their “rate my outfit” segments on their joint channel to Chev’s hair and beauty advice on her channel, they keep their audiences in tuned and informed.

Their love for culture, entertaining and learning are sure to guide them to the stars.

This is story… thus far… Of Chev and Simba!