When we started the Planet Thirty project, a huge part of our mission was to not only inspire others by interviewing persons with a wealth of experience, but also to expose the world to those that were ambitious, passionate and aspiring. Hence our tag line is “Planet Thirty. Where aspiration meets inspiration.”

A few weeks ago, we got a message from a gentleman named Vicente who explained that he was working for a new company called Staple Clothing. He thought a Planet Thirty interview with the company’s founders was a great idea. Vicente was 100% correct.

After an initial zoom meeting with Staple Clothing’s founders Connor and Greg we were convinced that the world needed to hear their story. We were even more convinced when we learned the mission of their company.

Staple Clothing is trying to change the fashion game. Not only are they providing opportunities to designers in developing countries, however, they are passionate about changing the perception of where fashion could and should come from. In their version of the future, the styles we wear will no longer be influenced exclusively by the runways of New York, Milan and Paris. Their passion for equity in the fashion space is beyond admirable. Connor and Greg are the definition of what good entrepreneurship is. They have founded a company that not only provides a future for themselves and their employees, but helps designers to enter spaces they perhaps never thought they would be able to occupy.

Connor and Greg are going to change the world. This is only the beginning.

Here is the story… thus far… Of Connor, Greg and Staple Clothing