Cordane Richardson stands 6 feet 7 inches. Let me say that again. Cordane Richardson is 6 feet 7 inches tall. Cordane, moves as gracefully on the basketball court as his fingers do on the ivory keys of any piano.

His dad? A painter and well-loved high school science teacher. His mom? A legendary instructor and authority on all things music. Being raised by these parents allowed Cordane to explore several subjects within the sphere of academia, in addition to diving head first into the arts. He admits that his painting ability peaked at age 12. Evidently water color, acrylics and oils were not in his future. But that was ok. He still had music. With an expert teacher as a mother, it wasn’t a bad plan B.

Cordane started playing the piano at age 3, and by age 14 he had completed all examination levels of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. He was sure that this was his calling. After completing University in San Diego, he decided to reach higher and completed his masters at the Berkley School of Music’s campus in Valencia,  Spain.

Today Cordane is an excellent musician and composer. Meticulous yet emotive. His compositions are informed by the countless hours of classical music which he practiced on his parents’ piano, yet still brushed by the rhythms of soca, dancehall and reggae that his ears could not avoid, growing up in the Caribbean.  His work puts him in a world where entertainment and the arts intersect and live happily.

Cordane Richardson. Remember his name. If you can’t, please write it down. It is poised to be amid great media composers like John Williams. Yes he has quite a ways to go, but if what he has accomplished is any indication. He’ll get there.

Here is the story… thus far… of Cordane Richardson.