Darius James says that he has always been a BIG THINKER. When you hear his story, you may agree that even the word BIG is too small to describe the way Darius thinks. Born in Dominica, Darius says that he has always felt that his purpose in the world was to execute big projects with the intention of helping others.

Darius’ father introduced him and his siblings to music. His father lived abroad for a time and on one of his trips back to Dominica he brought several instruments to the household. Darius says that he was immediately drawn to the drums. Little did he know, but the pulsing rhythms of that first drum set would guide and dictate the rhythm of his life for years to come.

After some years of operating several businesses in his homeland, Darius accepted a job in the cruise industry. After three years of sailing the seas and exploring multiple countries, Darius decided that it was time to move on and settle down.

A chance invitation to Anguilla landed him in the middle of the Tranquility Jazz Festival. Within days, the universe would align, and Darius would meet several players in Anguilla’s music industry. Anguilla, he decided would now be his home. After settling in, developing a business, falling in love and perfecting his craft, Darius realized that there was a need to train young minds on the island and beyond. Enter the Anguilla Music Academy. Darius’ brainchild that has pinned on its wings and has now taken flight. With the help of the community and investors, Darius dreams of helping the world are coming to fruition. However, the story is much deeper. And believe us, Darius James story does not end here.

This is the story… thus far… of Darius James.