Daryl C. Thompson has solidified a sound reputation as an artist in the Northeastern Caribbean. However, he is a sage of sorts. Not only does Daryl run his family’s business successfully, but he has used his experience and education to assist young entrepreneurs to start their ventures the right way. Do you need to rebrand? Ask Daryl. Would you like a beautiful painting? Ask Daryl. Need new logo? You guessed it. Ask Daryl.  Daryl is a source for all things creative.

The artist, entrepreneur and startup guru was raised in the Caribbean between three islands. Though the status quo and culture would encourage traditional career paths, Daryl took the road less traveled. Not only studying art at University but returning to the Caribbean to pursue an entire career steeped in everything colorful and textured. Daryl’s love for painting and curiosity eventually lead him to graphic design. He admits that this sector seemed more promising financially. And of course, that never hurts. He has taken the sum of all he has learned and has quietly changed the way new businesses brand and represent themselves on Anguilla, his island home.

After years of directing others, Daryl the branding expert has entered new waters. He has decided to rebrand himself. Daryl has become a model. Brands are now seeking him out to represent their products. Though he has adjusted well to his new role, he is still tickled by the fact that he is now being directed as opposed to being the director.

Entrepreneur, painter, model and father. Daryl C Thompson has had a fascinating life thus far. But he is nowhere done with exploring what else life has to offer.

This is the story…. Thus far… Of Daryl C. Thompson.