Davon Carty is a thinker. Davon Carty is a doer. He is sometimes controversial. However he is always willing to teach and assist anyone in need. These days, Davon has rekindled his passion for restoring vintage cars, trucks and SUVs. The brands range from Britain’s Land Rover and Italy’s Alfa Romeo to Sweden’s Saab. He says that the process brings him joy.

Just as these cars migrated and ended up in junk yards on the Caribbean island of Anguilla, Davon too has left the island’s shores to as he puts it “find wisdom.”

Fifteen years ago Davon saw the need to improve the music industry on Anguilla. Like many others he saw an abundance of raw talent but there was no real structure. With a group of friends and business partners, Davon went to work. In time he would create the band “British Dependency” that would tour internationally and organize for artists to perform at New York’s Radio City Music hall, Washington D.C.’s Warner Theatre and at venues in Morocco, San Andreas Colombia, Guadeloupe and venues in 31 Cities across the United States. He also assisted in getting Anguillian artist Deanna Mussington in position to launch her international career on the British version of X-Factor.

You see, Davon by nature is a restorer. Not unlike the cars, he has taken time, patience and has paid strict attention to detail in recrafting not only artists, but by extension an entire industry. Perhaps his ability to encourage people comes from his days as a social worker.  In addition to his cars, Davon along with business partners are now headed toward revolutionizing everyone’s perception of what a beach bar is. Seemingly the best is yet to come.

This is the story… thus far… Of Davon Carty.