Denecia Niles is a multi-tasker. She grew up in the Caribbean with a passion for football. As she says, Football was my life. She also grew up with all brothers. Denecia was crushing stereotypes from the very beginning. She was fearless on the field and had no problem facing the best among the boys, whether at home or in school.

She took this forward approach into what would become her second passion: music. Several church concerts as a child gave Denecia the confidence to start fiddling around with songwriting. Her music teacher Mrs. Daphne Jacobs Richardson, a legend on the island of Anguilla, encouraged her and would correct and advise her on her compositions. A chance school project with her cousin Diction Edwards would allow her to enter a professional studio for the first time. She was hooked.

Denecia was determined. As a teen, she dedicated much of her time to what she imagined would be her career as an artist. Upon researching however, she became more intrigued by the business segment of the industry. Her interest became even stronger when she attended college in Miami. Her exposure to sports, event planning and entertainment management solidified her love for the biz.

With work opportunities in Australia and Los Angeles, producing a basketball camp and dozens of events, coupled with her music production company The Black Jetty and her Café The Tea Box Lounge, Denecia is the definition of a creative entrepreneur.

She, however, has no plans of slowing down. Wait until you hear what she plans to do next.

This is the story… thus far… Of Denecia Niles.