Denise Caldwell’s dream was to be a professional choreographer. As a child she spent hours being instructed in the finer points of the artform at schools for the performing arts in her native St. Louis. In addition to being a talented dancer, Denise was also gifted in math and science. During her high school years, Denise would focus her efforts toward the sciences with a new dream of becoming a doctor. By graduation she was poised for success as a pre med student. When the time came for that all-important decision, she chose to attend Howard University in Washington D.C.

The Chemistry faculty welcomed their latest scholar with open arms. Denise was ready to continue her journey. Everyone was convinced that becoming a doctor was her fate. Everyone that is, except for Denise.

During her sophomore year, Denise began to listen to the screams of her inner voice that until this point had been mere whispers. Those screams were guiding her into the world of media and fashion.

After a heart to heart conversation with her family, Denise made the plunge and switched majors. A decision that shifted the entire trajectory of her life. An internship at the office of Communication at Howard University would give her the opportunity to meet a team from Seventeen Magazine. Like most everyone else, the team was intoxicated by Denise’s bubbly and positive energy and personality. Her work ethic and organizational skills did not go unnoticed either. The team, still moved by the impression that Denise made upon them offered her an internship in New York City.

That was only the beginning. Internships led to entry level jobs, and with, as she says, “Passion, faith and grit” she ascended the ranks of the fashion world, becoming a stylist for some of the biggest names in Hollywood, music and media. Denise’s career has evolved even further and she is now a seasoned style and beauty expert and can be seen on many TV shows. But Denise is not done yet… the next move she makes will be even bigger. And even if we are not sure what it is as yet, we can be guaranteed that she will look good while making it.

This is the story, thus far… of Denise Caldwell…