Diction Edwards called me late one night. He was on tour and had some down time. From the background noise on his side I could hear that he was outdoors. I automatically assumed that he was on the other side of the globe, as he often is. I was correct, he informed me that he was some 15 hours ahead of my time in New Caledonia, a French territory in the Pacific Ocean.

Phone calls like this are not a rare occurrence. Diction has worked very hard in the music industry, and work trips like these are the fruits of his labor.

What started in high school as friendly rap battles with his friend and now fellow artist J.R. Da Lion, turned into a full-fledged career.

After high school, Diction attended University in Orlando Florida. Though he fully appreciated the opportunity music kept tugging at his heart strings. Diction’s University days also introduced him to a crew of friends that in essence became a ring of creativity. Diction and his friends eventually formed ODBMG, Out Da Box Music Group, an entity that produced a soca band called Jus Action, several mix tapes, producers, songwriters and artists. Although they were popular in their home turf of Orlando, the group debuted a record in 2007 that would take their profile to new heights. “Island Girls” became an anthem in several Caribbean islands, the Eastern United States and parts of Europe. This was followed by group member Iyaz being signed to Warner Music and Sean Kingston’s Time Is Money Imprint. Diction was there every step of the way as one of the main architects of the entire movement.

Several years after his high school rap battles, Diction has emerged as a prolific and accomplished songwriter, tour manager, booking agent and concert promoter. He is Mr. Entertainment! But he is not done yet. In his own words.

This is the story… thus far… of Diction Edwards.