As a child you are innocent, curious and ready to discover the world. When I was 5 years old, I sat in my teacher Ms. Kinnear’s kindergarten class. It was the 80s. Reagan was president, Michael Jackson was everyone’s favorite artist and MTV and CNN were less than 10 years old. I befriended a girl named Donna Hendricks. Donna her best friend and my friend would all play in our school’s yard every day. It was appointment recess. After two enjoyable years at Catholic School, my parents and I moved away. I remember being quite sad to move away from my recess buddies. Over the years, I wondered what happened to them. What did they do for a living? How did they look? Did they move from St. Thomas too?

Those questions were miraculously answered one day through the magic of Facebook. To my surprise Donna remembered me too. We talked and caught up… after all we had missed a few decades.

When you are 5 years old, you have no idea what the word has to offer or what obstacles are lined up for you. You have no idea what your kindergarten friends will become or who they will become. Are they bad people or are they ok people?

My recess buddy Donna became a phenomenal person! She is fabulous! Donna Hendricks is former teacher turned blogger, stylist and lifestyle coach and is a burst of energy. With every sentence, Donna effortlessly drops gems to help you live your best life and be… as she loves to say…  EXTRAORDINARY! Like all of us, she has overcome challenges and has attained heights. However, she is not finished. Here now is the story… thus far… of the FABULOUS… Donna Hendricks!!!