Dr. Tremane Bartley is the eldest of three siblings. Him, his brother and his sister were raised by parents who were entrepreneurs. His younger siblings took notice of his hard work as he paved the way for them by setting a good example.

In his last year of high school, a chance meeting one morning would lead him into a full scholarship at Benedict College, a prestigious HBCU in South Carolina. His stellar performance at the undergraduate level ushered him into dental school at the University of Connecticut.

His fascination with science and inspiration from his parents lead him to not only cultivate a love for business, but a love for helping people. Dr. Bartley is a long way from Jamaica, but the lessons and values he learned on the island have stayed with him.

Today he is a dedicated father and husband and owns a thriving Orthodontic Practice. He works from three locations in the state of Connecticut. The young man who dreamed of being an entrepreneur took a leap of faith and is building an incredible legacy.

Oh yea… and his siblings? They too are both Dr. Bartley! They followed the lead of their big brother. Both of them are now dentists. Interestingly, Dr. Bartley works with his brother and although their sister lives in another state, the three are each other’s biggest cheer leaders.

A leader, entrepreneur, excellent orthodontist and more. Dr. Tremane Bartley is the definition of discipline, sacrifice and hard work. With plans to expand his business even more, there’s no telling what giant move he’ll make next.

This is the story… thus far… Of Dr. Tremane Bartley.