Eljon Wardally is a perfect combination of her Grenadian father and Italian mother. According to her, her curried chicken is as tasty as her eggplant parmesan. She grew up in New York City, surrounded by an abundance of sights, sounds, scents but most importantly, the arts. Eljon therefore set her sights on becoming an actor. She would later realize that her passion lived behind the camera. After stints behind the scenes at a major News Channel and MTV, Eljon decided to try writing. A decision that allowed her to express her creativity like never before. She had finally landed where she needed to be. Now standing on a stack of well received plays and an award-winning web series, Eljon is now one of the city’s rising stars in the world of writing. 

Playwrights and screenwriters have the power to mold and shape our minds and open chambers of our imaginations that we didn’t even know existed. Eljon is one such writer and her work is certainly designed to make audiences think. Her work is well thought out. It pulls emotions and creates moods that demand us to pay attention to both her subtle and intentionally displayed messages. 

Though she continues to bask in the rays of success, she is immensely grateful. Her ability to create was almost taken from her because of an unforeseen incident. In this interview Eljon discusses this incident, her love of the arts and opened up many other doors to her world.