Hans Charles is modest. He’s unassuming. He will sit and have a conversation with you about history, music, TV… you name it. Yet still, you would never guess that he is an Emmy nominated cinematographer. He has worked on films that have won multiple awards including a Bafta and an Oscar.

The son of proud Haitian parents, Hans had dreams of becoming a professional musician. Recognizing that the journey in music may not have been for him, he decided to pursue a career in film.

Hans’ life philosophy has guided him to take small steps toward huge goals. Like anyone else, he admits that he has stumbled along the way, however through it all he says, he has remained committed and dedicated to his dream. These steps have allowed him to work with the likes of Ava DuVernay among other luminaries in the world of film.

While he is billed as a cinematographer, Hans is so much more. His passion for the craft has led him to both producing and writing. In 2018, Hans and his colleague produced the film “1 Angry Black Man”, the first in a long list that he plans to create.

Hans Charles’ name has been floating among the who’s who of the film world. While some movie lovers may not recognize his name, surely, they have seen his work. The world should stay tuned. This incredible filmmaker has only just begun.

This is the story… thus far… Of Hans Charles.