The late 1970’s and early 80s saw job opportunities opening up for African Americans. The country was still soothing the fresh wounds of the civil rights era which was a mere 20 years prior. Henry J. Watkins grew up surrounded by the chaos of the times, but embraced the promise of a better America for young black boys. Growing up in Queens, New York, Henry clung to optimism and was audacious enough to dream. And dream he did.

By his late teens, Henry was ready to explore the world. His ambition was to be an actor or a broadcast journalist. With his Paul Robeson toned voice, either was a huge possibility. Always one to pay attention to his surroundings and willing to embrace to universal signs, Henry took a position selling ads at his college’s radio station. That job shifted the trajectory of his future days. Henry had discovered the wonderful world of Advertising and Sales.

Subsequent decades would see Henry Watkins work for several major magazines and entertainment companies. He was stellar at his job and really enjoyed it. Seemingly, it could not get any better. But it would. Henry was tapped to work in the travel industry, using his skill set to promote destinations through media.

Now principal of his own company, Henry Watkins is one of the most sought-after experts in the business of travel. With a storied career spanning decades, he has as many stories as he does great advice. His knowledge of the business and ability to execute is unmatched. This is the story… thus far… Of Henry J. Watkins.