The Honorable Haydn Hughes is the son of a politician. The Honorable Haydn Hughes became a politician. He admits that this was not always in the cards for him. His high school days were spent hanging out and admittedly skipping some classes. His behavior, however, did not reflect his intellect. While the lessons in the classroom may not have intrigued him, he was inspired by books and authors outside of the school's curriculum. Mr. Hughes tells the tale of him going to the local Public Library on the tiny island of Anguilla and reading everything and anything that the library had to offer. He became a voracious reader, seeking knowledge whenever he could and the from wherever he could. His thirst for understanding the world would lead him to other bookshelves including his father's where he would read books by world leaders and politicians. Even after reading these books, he never fancied himself a future politician.

Mr. Hughes worked several jobs as a young man and understood the value of money from a young age. According to him he did not purchase his first car until he was almost 30 years old. What he did accomplish before the age of 30 was building a house and the successful business. Mr. Hughes’ journey through life would take him from being a physical education teacher to a bank worker and eventually into the hospitality industry. He journeyed to France, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. These experiences showed him another side of the world. A side that he had read about as he fingered through the pages of those library books so many years before. Some of Mr. Hughes' experiences prompted him to become more politically active. Upon return to his native Anguilla, Mr. Hughes joined politically active groups and even hosted a radio show. With determination he would run for election. Mr. Hughes would fail to win a seat for 15 years, but he was not deterred. In 2020 Mr. Hughes won his seat and was elected into the government of Anguilla. Though he had served in his father's administration before in another capacity, Mr. Hughes’ love for Anguilla and his and enthusiasm to see the country succeed motivated him to push until he could win, so that he could contribute in a major way.

In his capacity as the minister of Infrastructure, Communications, Utilities, Housing and Tourism, Mr. Hughes is determined to push his island forward. The island that taught him so many lessons and exposed him to so much at an early age. Some call his approach experimental. Mr. Hughes however says that he has a clear vision as to where Anguilla should go and along with his fellow ministers, he is determined to take the country there.

Whether or not you agree with his philosophies, opinions or approach, the journey that got Mr. Hughes to his conclusions is a fascinating one.

In his own words… this is the story…. thus far, of the Honorable Haydn Hughes.