If you are a friend or a member of her family, then her name is India. If you are a fan of competitive gaming and in particular Rocket League, then her name is Alanis! At just 16 years old, India Browne is already making history. In 2022 she became the youngest female from the UK to win a gold medal in E Sports at the Commonwealth Games. She may be just a teen; however she is as focused as an experienced CEO. India speaks with determination and an authority that many adults are still chasing. India assembled her own computer specifically to play video games and compete in Esports tournaments. In our interview she explains how she went from having casual curiosity about Rocket League to being on stage viewed by millions of fans from the gaming world. Though she has tremendous passion for gaming. India is well rounded. She is now in college (Form 6) in the UK and is trying to decide where her interest lies more. Is it in business, hospitality or law? Whichever one she decides upon she is bound to be successful. Whether it is in the arena of academics or Esports, India or Alanis is far from finished. The question is. How will she make history next? This is the story… thus far… of India ‘Alanis’ Browne