INOJ knew that she was destined for a career in music. She blames her parents. She recalls her mom and dad putting a radio in her room as a very small child in order to keep her quiet. This she credits with allowing her to feel the magic of music and thus her love affair began. Her childhood was also filled with singing, and stories from her favorite musicals and plays. If ever she was naughty and as a result was grounded, INOJ would use that time to write songs of her own.

Although music was foremost in her mind, she postponed her dreams and heeded her parents’ advice to pursue a Plan B. She left her home in Wisconsin to attend the University in Baltimore. INOJ, was on her way to becoming an engineer.  

Although math and figuring things out is one of her passions, music continued to tug at her heartstrings. Yes, she was attending a great University, but she admits that she chose Baltimore because of its proximity to both New York City and Washington DC. Two cities where she knew that her chances of pursuing music were higher. A chance assignment with a new roommate in her sophomore year, would introduce her to a girl group which eventually led to her being signed by a major label in Atlanta. INOJ was now tasked with explaining to both of her parents why taking a shot at her dream was a better idea than engineering.

When her group disbanded, she decided to become a songwriter. She was asked to sing a reference track for an upcoming compilation. When the producers heard her vocals, they refused to allow anyone else to sing the track. It was not INOJ 's intention to become a solo artist. However, without full marketing or promotion her track took off. INOJ the solo artist was born: Complete with tours with the likes of NSync and The Backstreet Boys and talk show appearances including Regis and Kathy Lee. INOJ has had an awesome career to date, creating some of the most memorable dance tracks of our time.

INOJ, is not done, however. Her love of experimenting with new sounds, new producers and writing about new experiences continues.

This is the story ... Thus far ... Of INOJ!