Simply put, Janay Reymond is a creative and has always been. Though she was fascinated by all forms of art, fashion mesmerized her most. Her paternal grandmother was a seamstress, while her maternal grandmother owned one of the most popular boutiques on her native Anguilla. Janay was smitten by clothing and in particular swimsuits. As a little girl she would sketch patterns for all types of clothing however, by age 12 she had designed her first evening gown for a pageant contestant. That contestant came 1st runner up.

In her final years of high school, Janay decided what industry she wanted to work in for the rest of her life. Against all odds she started to craft swimsuit and legging designs while building a team of models and support staff. By her late teens Janay was designing for pageants and swimsuit competitions across the Caribbean as well as producing her own runway shows.

Janay Reymond, has been instrumental in shaping the fashion scene on Anguilla and is considered a pioneer in local fashion. After showcasing her work at her annual shows, and participating in shows across the Caribbean, Janay took her designs to two of the biggest stages in the world. LA Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week.

By her 20s Janay had accomplished much of what she set out to do. Most persons around her knew that she was a talented makeup artist as well, however Janay surprised many people when she decided to pause on designing and fashion shows and enter the beauty arena full time. In typical Janay fashion, she went in 100% and immediately cut out a niche for herself. Today, she is one of the most requested makeup artists in the immediate region. While her skills speak for themselves, she has taken it a step further and opened her own headquarters and retail outlet called The Face Lab.

Janay however, is not done yet. This is the story… thus far… of Janay Reymond