Jason Edmund is the definition of enterprising. Born and raised on the island of Antigua, Jason learned the value of hard work and to always insist on the highest levels of customer service. You see, Jason’s dad was the manager of one of Antigua’s top resorts. Even as a child, he marveled at the way guests’ faces would light up upon being treated well. Whether he knew it or not, these experiences during his childhood were preparing him to be the person that he is today.

By his teenage years, Jason picked up work on construction sites during school vacations. He fell in love with the process of designing and building. His interest took him to Howard University in Washington DC where he studied Civil Engineering.

After college, Jason started work as an engineer. In addition, he started a successful part time gig selling high demand items such as Air Jordans and Video game systems online. Life was good and he was on his way to fulfilling all of his dreams. And then 2008 came around. That’s right. The great recession. Like thousands of others, Jason was laid off.

He decided to go back to Antigua for a few weeks to clear his mind and decide on his next steps. An afternoon in solitude on his porch lead to him being hungry. For some odd reason he was craving a Honey Bun, a vending machine staple in the United States. Jason could not find the snack anywhere in Antigua. Nor was he able to find many vending machines. A lightbulb went off… Without hesitation, Jason started researching. By the next day he had made contact with a vending machine manufacturer in Iowa. Jason Edmund aka Machine Man, was on his way to becoming the King of the vending business on Antigua.

What I have offered thus far is just a snippet. The details of his story are even more intriguing. In his own words, this is the story, thus far… of Jason “Machine Man” Edmund