Jermaine Payne is a burst of energy. Then again, why wouldn’t he be? He grew up with the ambition to be a singer or an actor… or both really. His formative years were spent around his grandmother’s restaurant. Little did he know, he was absorbing the fundamentals of business even at that early age.

While playing with his friends around his grandmother’s restaurant was fun, Jermaine had his sights set on the big stage. By the time he was in his early teens he started a Soca and Reggae band with said friends. They surprised everyone with their talent. Jermaine was one of the lead vocalists and wore his heart on his sleeve. In the world of Soca music in the Caribbean’s Leeward Islands, band members are akin to gladiators. They throw insults at one another during live shows and especially on record, both subtly and directly. Jermaine, was there for it all. His love of the music and culture saw him singing all the way through his college years. Often taking flights from New York back to the Caribbean just to perform.

By his early 20s Jermaine realized that his goals for success were not likely going to be fueled by a music career in such a small market. After landing a job as a purchasing manager at a small, boutique, but dare I say uber chic property on Anguilla, Jermaine’s thoughts toward success and the direction of his career were altered. The lessons learned while scampering around his grandmother’s restaurant came rushing back. Jermaine fell in love with business.

After a few jobs in the hospitality industry and creating a social media marketing company he landed on his first huge success as an entrepreneur: Squareless Property Solutions. In hip-hop terms, Jermaine was Killing the Game. He was the go-to source for apartment rentals on the island. Jermaine however realized yet again that the size of the market would not continue to propel him in his intended direction. He threw caution to the wind, packed his bag and moved to London. What happened next surprised even Jermaine.

This is the story… Thus far… of Jermaine Payne.