Jerome Willock is the definition of determination. After moving from his native Montserrat to Anguilla, Jerome continued to learn about his childhood passion. Flying. What began as a dream and quite frankly what seemed far-fetched, became his reality.

As luck would have it, his family moved into a house right next to the airport. Jerome would sit and watch planes land and take off at Anguilla’s airport, dreaming about flying one of the aircraft one day. After high school he worked for a telecommunications company. While many his age were partying and spending frivolously, Jerome was saving and focusing soley on his dream. He eventually gained employment at a local aviation company. This motivated him even more. With a stroke of luck, seemingly straight out of a movie, he was able to go to flight school and become a pilot.

Although flying smaller aircraft was a huge accomplishment, Jerome wanted more. He traveled through many hills and valleys, had several ups and downs. But today, Jerome has a mass of experience and is a pilot for one of Dubai's top airlines. He flies throughout the Middle East Europe and Africa. He is living his dream. Jerome’s story is certainly a testament to discipline hard work and never allowing your dreams to disappear. This is the tale of a little boy from a tiny island who has accomplished exactly what he set out to.

This is a story… thus far… of Jerome Willock.