Joy Buchanan is opinionated to say the least. In her estimation she is a beautiful blend of her calm-natured Anguillian father and her expressive Jamaican mother. Joy’s childhood journey saw her living on both islands for a time and eventually landing in the UK. The UK brought with it a mix of experiences and adventures. She has many tales about adjusting to a new culture and learning to embrace her new home. Joy attended Imperial University. One of the UK’s top institutions. By trade she is a construction manager. She is an executive for one of the top company’s in the world and like her childhood, her work takes her all over the globe. Though there is not an abundance of women in her industry, her work ethic and skill prove time and time again that women are just as capable in the sector as any man. Joy however is so much more than a construction manager. She is a life coach, helping persons through difficult times and issues. In her own words she does this all through a Christian lens. Though some view her approach as bold, Joy says that she is simply being honest. Even people of faith she says have to be honest with themselves and one another in order to progress. As if that was not enough, Joy is an entrepreneur. She has started a business, manufacturing products on the African continent for worldwide distribution. Bold, feisty, maybe quirky, but always honest and true to herself. This is the story… thus far… Of Joy Buchanan!