If you didn’t know that it was reality you would be convinced that it was a fairytale. Young man from a tiny Caribbean Island with a love for music records song for his island’s carnival festivities and the song shoots to #1 in the world. It could have been a fairytale. But it actually happened.

Kevin Lyttle grew up on the island of St. Vincent. His love of the arts lead him to join his uncle’s dance group in his younger days. His love for the arts grew and he began to experiment with music. Although the airwaves were pumping soca and reggae predominantly, Kevin developed a love for R&B music. His understanding of that genre and its structure would lead him to fuse melodies, rhythms and harmonies in his head that were unconventional yet appealing.

With little opportunity on the island for a fulltime career as an artist, Kevin sought employment with the local government. He was a hard worker, but swiftly realized that he was not prepared to give up on his dreams of becoming an internationally known artist. With what was at the time the equivalent of one month’s salary, Kevin risked it all and wrote, co-produced and recorded what he knew in his heart would at least be a local hit. What transpired upon the song’s release would be beyond Kevin’s wildest dreams. His song, ‘Turn me on’ became a worldwide anthem for party goers and lovers of dance everywhere.

Kevin Lyttle has had and continues to have an incredible career. He has performed on every inhabited continent on planet earth. He journeyed from an island with a population of just over one hundred thousand to perform and be loved by millions of fans from every country. Kevin Lyttle’s career and life philosophies are a master class for any artist or musician seeking success. But for as much as he has accomplished, Kevin Lyttle is not yet done. This renaissance man has added yet another business to his growing empire as an entrepreneur.

This is the story… Thus far… Of Global Super Star Kevin Lyttle…