The year is 2002. Kris Dawkins and I are de-stressing in our favorite place on Howard University’s campus. The Office of the Caribbean Students Association. Amid verbal reviews of the day’s dancehall artists’ latest offerings… Sean Paul, Elephant Man, Wayne Marshall, Wayne Wonder… Kris and I arrive at a discussion about our futures post University. We discuss business ideas and financial goals. Jokingly I say to him “Kris, do you want to be rich one day?” In his distinct Jamaican accent, he swiftly responds “Hmph.. It’s not option my yute.”

For as long as I have known him, this is how Kris Dawkins has governed his life. He sets definitive goals and maps out a plan. Sometimes the task seems impossible. Even he admits that at times he isn’t sure how he will reach certain goals; however, he never gives up.

Kris is not immune to faltering. But he makes the decision to get back on his feet and keep trying. One foot in front of the other, with his eyes trained on the ultimate purpose of whatever journey he may be on.

As an entrepreneur Kris has been an artist manager, he’s started online stores, a food delivery service, a concert promotion company and he’s also sold handbags. The latter proving to be one of his most lucrative ventures. Just about all of his adventures in entrepreneurship have been lived while working as a consultant for some of the world’s top financial entities.

The Caribbean Student's Association office was for us a place of healing, inspiration and learning. Kris Dawkins was many times the chief healer, motivator and teacher while holding court with as many students as the walls of the tiny office would allow. Many years have passed since we would frequent our favorite place on our college campus, however Kris’ ability to heal, motivate and teach has only been enhanced by time. Now a motivational speaker and an author, he shares a bevy of life and business lessons. When Kris Dawkins told me that he would be rich, he was not lying. But years on, his richness has come from much more than financial gain.

This is the story… thus far… Of Kris Dawkins.