Marva Carty is a renaissance woman. Life has taken her to many countries, introduced her to many hobbies and has offered her experiences beyond her wildest dreams.  

Marva was born in London England but at an early age she was whisked away and taken to her mother’s homeland, Trinidad. It is here that Marva would adopt the wonderful habit of reading. She confesses, she read any and everything. She especially remembers learning random trivia from the set of World Book Encyclopedias that her family owned. That random knowledge would benefit her in some surprising ways later on in life.

Marva’s odyssey has seen her work in varied industries. From the admissions office at an American University to hospitality to toys. The latter perhaps, is what led her to her current line of projects. The super intelligent little girl with a fierce appetite for knowledge is now an author. Mari Loves Mangoes is the title of her first book. Complete with vibrant illustrations and a great story, Marva hopes to inspire children from diverse backgrounds to embrace who they are, love one another and pay attention to life’s lessons. This is just the first step in a series of books that she plans to expand upon. And in the future?  Well... Marva plans to own a multi-media conglomerate. When you hear her journey, you will understand why this dream of hers is 100% attainable. Smart, ambitious, persistent and hard working.

This is the story… thus far… Of Marva Carty.