Maya Gilliam is a consummate entrepreneur. This introduction could possibly end right here. My first sentence more than aptly describes Maya, but, she is so much more.

Born in the Tar Heel State, North Carolina, Maya was surrounded by a family teeming with entrepreneurs and investors. She remembers observing family members as they tended to their separate businesses and made decisions. Her lessons in business came directly and indirectly. Maya, soaked it all up.

By the time Maya walked onto the infamous yard at Howard University, she was prepared for greatness. Her college years saw her becoming a photojournalist for the university’s newspaper. She had the uncanny ability to slip into concerts, parties, press conferences and other exclusive events. Maya always came home with the perfect shots from her assignments prompting her fellow students to label her “All Access.”

While working for the school’s paper as a sophomore, Maya recognized that there was a need for a strong digital agency especially for small businesses. Thus, Third Eye Digital was born. Third Eye Digital would go on to secure contracts from Howard University and other major businesses in the Washington DC area. All before Maya even graduated.

Upon graduation, Maya became a photo editor for one of the largest newspapers in the United States. With time she decided to move on to explore other talents. She became a licensed massage therapist and in true Maya fashion opened her own Spa. A very successful spa might I add.

In 2020, when the world was turned right side up, Maya swiftly turned on a dime and reinvented herself. She closed her spa and used the opportunity to invest time and money into a new company creating products from hemp. With acres of land in her possession she is well on her way to becoming one of the industry’s rock stars. Maya is also on the verge of developing similar businesses in Rwanda and Ghana.

But Maya is not done just yet. This is the story… thus far… Of Maya Gilliam.