Melissa Mussington is passionate about fitness and pizza. One, slightly more than the other. Whether it is pizza or working out, one thing is for certain, Melissa is disciplined and driven when it comes to what she likes.

Melissa grew up surrounded by a family of musicians on a Caribbean island. Though she loved music she and her family realized that she had tremendous talent in sports. Tennis, volleyball, track, if it was to be played Melissa was on the team.

After high school, Melissa secured jobs as a tennis coach and as an assistant tennis pro at one of the island’s resorts. For the most part life was good. But Melissa was facing some difficulties. After some soul-searching she decided to purchase a one-way ticket to the UK. She wanted a fresh start, she wanted to fulfil her dreams, she wanted to become the best version of herself that she could possibly be. She was not sure if the UK was the place for her, but she was willing to take the risk. She took a bet on having a change of scenery, but more importantly she took a bet on herself.

In her short time in the UK, Melissa has completed a degree, become a personal trainer, created a fitness brand (Mussbefit) and expanded her training and nutrition offerings, gained over 70 thousand social media followers, has been featured in the UK version of Cosmopolitan Magazine and is on the verge of starting her own athleisure clothing line. Whew! Please note, she has done all of this before age 30.

Melissa is a burst of energy, knowledge and positivity. As she speaks, she drops gem after gem. Don’t believe me? Just take a listen.

This is the story… thus far… of Melissa Mussington.