Trinidad is known for producing a plethora of things that have come to define both its culture and the culture of the wider Caribbean. Trinidad is also known for sending both scholarly and creative people out into the wider world. Micha Cooper Edwards is one of those persons. She cannot be described by just one of the aforementioned, for she is the perfect combination of scholar and creative.

Micha Cooper Edwards is the definition of discipline. After successfully completing her undergraduate degree at Howard University where she was a student athlete she moved on to lead marketing teams for several of the world’s top brands. Micha you see is dreamer. However, unlike many she is laser focused and more importantly she is an executer. People dream of working for one large brand during their lifetime. Micha’s resume reads like an all-star list of global companies. She has worked for and lead marketing teams for NIKE, Brand Jordan, Diageo, Frito-Lay, Cadbury, Kraft and Moët-Hennessy.

After years of rising among the corporate ranks, the London School of Economics graduate decided to build her own powerhouse company. With an army of well qualified and experienced professionals by her side, Micha has created Soleil Entertainment. A company with the potential to completely rewire the culture and practices within the film industry. While she appreciates the lessons and relationships earned from the corporate world, Micha has her sights set on a bigger purpose. Soleil is a multi-dimensional, multi-platform company that will introduce the world to creatives who prior to this had little or no chance of being discovered because of the crowded spaces that exist in the world of visual media.

Micha Cooper Edwards is a pioneer. She contributed ideas and allowed some of the world’s top brands to see themselves from a different perspective. Now she is about to do the same to you and you and you by changing the way you think about and view visual media.

This is the story… thus far… of Micha Cooper Edwards.