Nicolas de Toranto is a world traveler. But seeing the world from different perspectives is nothing strange for Nicholas. Nicholas grew up in Germany his mother is English, his father is half English, half German. However, his last name made its way to England all the way from Italy. With such complexity in his family, Nicholas was destined to become a storyteller.

After high school in Germany Nicholas attended University in England. His interest in History and English literature developed into curiosity and he found himself being attracted to cameras and the process of filmmaking more and more. After university, he co-produced a film in Germany with a friend about two brave persons in a small town. That film garnered much praise and encouraged him to continue along his path.

Years later, Nicholas has mastered the art of producing documentaries and docu-series’. He has traveled to the Caribbean to document the culture of the tiny island of Anguilla on a BBC series. He has also explored the intriguing world of Mexican cartels and the Italian mafia through his other work.

His love for filmmaking continues to be fueled by his interest for all things human. The people and the stories from other countries and other cultures are always foremost in his mind. He is by all means highly intelligent with the heart of a humanitarian. Nicholas’ stories expose characteristics of their subjects that allow us the audience to identify with even the most subtle bits of their personalities.


Though he has done much, Nicholas continues to find new stories and new places to explore. This is the story …thus far …of Nicolas de Toranto.