Nigel Campbell is a lover of all things music. The Trinidad and Tobago native ventured to Toronto then on to Washington DC in his youth. No matter where he studied and lived one thing remained consistent. His curiosity about and his love for Caribbean music.

Many Caribbean people consider themselves connoisseurs of the region’s music. Some are experts within a particular genre. Others may be able to detail songs, albums and perhaps years that compositions were released. Some may be versed on one particular artists’ catalogue. Nigel Campbell’s knowledge base encompasses slices of all of these things plus more. He is especially detailed in recounting significant events and shifts within the Calypso and Soca genres.

What separates Nigel from the casual music observer is his knowledge and understanding of the music business at large. His scope and approach are wide. He understands the bigger picture. He understands where Caribbean music is, where it comes from and where it ought to be. Nigel Campbell exudes… Music!

These days, the former website developer finds himself as Co-host of one of Trinidad’s most informative Podcasts, publishing a magazine about Caribbean Jazz, promoting jazz events and writing music reviews for Caribbean Beat, the inflight magazine produced by Caribbean Airlines.       

Nigel Campbell may not have all of the answers to solve the issues within Caribbean music industry, but he certainly has many of them. If you are interested, involved or intrigued by Caribbean music on any level, you will be both entertained and informed by the following.

This is the story… thus far… of Nigel Campbell.