Niik is perhaps one of the most demure artists that you will ever come across. She is very soft spoken and well… quite shy. But there are several layers to Niik. You should in no way allow her shy appearance to dictate your total opinion of her.

Niik grew up competing in pageants and singing competitions. Winning many of them of course. In her teen years her star really began to shine as she was crowned Miss Talented Teen and Junior calypso Monarch for her island. She was junior Calypso monarch two years in a row, might I add. Niik remembers long summer days rehearsing for the stage. Little did she know… or maybe she did, this discipline and work ethic would prepare her for life as an artist.

Niik was raised in the Caribbean surrounded by the rhythms and sounds of everything from Soca, Reggae and Zouk music. She has tremendous respect and admiration for those genres; however, it was R&B that really spoke to her. Her sound is soft and sensual, yet her melodies, harmonies and delivery force you to hang on to every word. Niik is backed by an exceptional team called The Black Jetty. Their attention to detail both in Niik’s sound and her visuals are second to none.

Niik worked on her first album ‘Die for Love’ while attending University. Talented and Smart. ‘Die for Love’ shifts the listener emotionally. It is the type of album that requires soft candlelight and a glass of wine while playing it. You see… one doesn’t merely listen to a Niik record, one experiences a Niik record.

Niik has so much more music to offer the world and plans to deliver it. In the meantime, take a listen. This is the story…thus far… of Niik.