Nisha Dupuis experienced a joyous childhood in a rural village on the Caribbean island of Dominica. The lush green forests of Dominica produce just about every tropical fruit and flower that one can think of. Perhaps what the village did not know, is that along with the trees and flowers, it was producing one of the Caribbean’s future media prodigies.

Later in her childhood, Nisha moved to Anguilla, where she immersed herself in debating and academic competitions. By the peak of her teen years, her unique look and style allowed her to grace magazine pages and billboards on the island. She had become one of Anguilla’s “it girls” in the local fashion industry and every photographer was clamoring to place her in front of their shutters.

Being a sought after model was awesome, however Nisha had alternate plans. She wanted to not only pose for the camera, but she wanted to write, produce and market her own projects.  After trying unsuccessfully to gain employment at one of the island’s top radio stations, her ambition led her to offer herself as an unpaid intern at said station. That decision led her to a world of experience in media. Experiences that she never expected and will likely never forget. This is the story… thus far… Of Nisha Dupuis. Complete with action packed details of how hurricane Irma shifted the trajectory of her career.

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