It may be safe to say that by the time Omari Banks was a teenager he was a veteran stage performer. Church and community concerts, official ceremonies, serenading ladies on stage during pageants, talent shows and every conceivable choir that requested his vocals. In the late 80s and early 90s Omari Banks was a hot ticket.

By his pre-teen years, Omari showed signs of separating himself from the thing that up until that point he seemed destined for. A career in music. Many were shocked and disappointed when Omari stopped performing as much on his native island, Anguilla. Omari had discovered a passion for the game of cricket. He thrust himself into it with all his might.

Years of late evenings practicing at Anguilla’s only cricket facility, many times alone, would eventually pay dividends. In 2003 Omari was named as a member of the West Indies Cricket team. The first athlete from Anguilla to have this honor bestowed upon him. He would go on to appear in 10 test matches, play for top Cricket Clubs in the U.K. and win several awards.

At the ripe age of 29 Omari, the cricket professional surprised the world yet again. Omari put down the bat and ball and picked up the guitar. Yes, Omari Banks, the childhood singing sensation was drawn back to his first love. Music.

The opening lyrics of his first single said:

It’s in your moment of trial you decide
If you will win or roll over and die
Where there is no vision my friends we shall die
Steadfast to your faith and soar to the sky… 

And that indeed is what Omari Banks has been doing ever since he returned to music. Holding fast and soaring to the sky.

This is the story… thus far… of Omari Banks.