Oneika Phillips is a burst of energy. She has the type of personality that can light up an entire theatre. And she does… quite often. Oneika has been dancing from ever since she can remember. Born in Guyana and raised in Grenada, Oneika was exposed to musicals via her parents VHS collection. Jesus Christ Superstar was her favorite.

Oneika’s colorful personality and obvious talent and love for dance eventually lead her to attend University in Virginia. She admits that those years were not always the most joyous, however what they did was allow her to look within and discover things about herself that would prove useful both in life and career. Having lived in the Caribbean and East Africa, Oneika for the first time was “the other.” Instead of crumble under the pressures of that title, she embraced it and became just that. Oneika separated herself from the pack with positive thinking and an unbelievable work ethic.

Onieka continues to be “the other”. She is exceptional. That little girl who fell in love with musicals in her living room in Grenada is now a celebrated actor, dancer and singer on theatres biggest platform, Broadway. Oneika has graced the stage and appeared in several of Broadway’s best shows in recent times including Fela! and Westside Story. Being a part of such productions has been rewarding enough, however Oneika has had the privilege of being a part of two casts that have won Tony Awards. In addition, she has danced with some of the best dance companies in New York City. Oneika embodies success, wrapped in a spirit of joy and humanity. She sees her purpose as larger than her individual accomplishments. She does it to encourage, to remember and to inspire. She does it for Grenada, the Caribbean, the ancestors… and for the culture! Even though she has done and accomplished much, Oneika is not done yet.

This is the Story… Thus far… Of Oneika Phillips