This episode is dedicated to two of the most kind, loving, intelligent, creative and humorous souls that the world lost within the past decade. Erika Cannegeiter was a dear friend to me and this episode’s guest the Honorable Perin Bradley. Kareem Bradley was a very very close friend. To say I miss his presence is an understatement. While I miss him as a friend, my guest misses him as his brother.

To Erykah and Kareem. We miss you both. The times we spent together coupled with the impact you had on our lives are forever etched in our minds and hearts.


The Honourable Perin Bradley grew up in a tight knit village on the tiny Caribbean Island Anguilla. He admits that as a teen, he really had no clue what he wanted to do with his life. It was his mother’s constant guidance, persistence and prayers coupled with visits to his neighbor’s vast library that sparked young Perin’s imagination and showed him that there was so much more to aspire to.

A few years went by and he found himself working at a local bank, driving a cool classic car and dating a wonderful young lady. What more could he want? Though that combination of spoils may have been enough for some, Perin wanted more. With the encouragement of his mother and some friends, he decided to attend Washington DC’s Howard University.

Perin’s tenure at university unlocked new experiences, perspectives and knowledge. He credits those days for playing a significant part in shaping the man he is today.

A consummate professional, he has served his island in several capacities, not only teaching but more importantly learning along the way. Perin, is sharp as a whip, witty and possess among other subjects a great knowledge of world politics, economics, finance and well… reggae music. He is one of the most interesting persons you can converse with.

Today, he is the Deputy Governor of his island. Amid challenges he holds his head high and continues to do his best for the people of Anguilla.

This is the story… thus far… Of the Honourable Perin Bradley