In the fiercely competitive world of Soca music, it is very difficult for new artists to propel themselves through the wall of already established super stars. Difficult, yet not impossible. The probability of breaking barriers however depends on the artist.

Rae is one such artist. She has an unforgettable combination of good looks, superb vocals and personality galore. Added to that, Rae’s formal training in music, coupled with her manager and co-writer Darryl Gervais’ ability to pen strong hooks and verses has taken her on a meteoric rise. Have you seen a flier for a Soca fete in the United States this year? There is a high chance that Rae is on it. She is booked and busy.

While other artists were not seen or heard from during the pandemic, Rae was pumping out songs and music videos. She says that as a new artist she did not want the old adage “Out of sight, out of mind” to affect her career. Thus, she ensured that whether it was social media, traditional media or music platforms, you were able to see and hear her.

With a mind full of ideas, a body of work yet to be released and an unstoppable work ethic, Rae is poised to shine through and light up the Soca industry even more as time passes.  In her short career, she has worked with the likes of DJ Private Ryan among others and has built a strong catalogue in less than five years. She is however, by no means done.

This is the story… Thus far.. of Rae…