As a child, Ron Elliot was a lover of comic books. He bought them, he sold them, he read them. He loved comic books. Comic books truly introduced Ron to the world of fantasy and stretched his imagination. While he was an elementary school student, Ron wrote, produced and directed his first play. His teacher was thoroughly impressed. This was the beginning of Ron Elliot the storyteller.

The seed was planted. Ron was in love with telling his own stories. The realm of possibility however, was taken to another level, once Ron experienced his first Star Wars film. That was it for him. He knew what his passion was.

As a young man, Ron opted to join the military. Even while in the Middle East, fighting for his country in Dessert Storm, Ron thought about a career in the entertainment industry once he returned to the United States. He kept that promise to himself. Upon his return, he tried his hand at music production. He observed his friend’s success in the industry and was determined to produce beats as good as or even better. He admits, it didn’t quite turn out the way he planned. Although he decided against being a music producer, Ron landed a job at storied record label Def Jam Recordings in the promotions dept. It is there that Ron sharpened his skills in marketing among other things.

Ron moved up the ranks and through Def Jam he was introduced to the world of music videos. Music videos were just mini movies. The sets, the costumes, the ideas, the scripts all resurrected that little boy who had dreams of writing. Ron used the opportunity to work and learn from the likes of legendary directors like Hype Williams and Benny Boom.

Life’s journey would take Ron to BET, MTV, Tempo, NBC and a bevy of other networks. He became one of the most sought-after post-production specialists in the industry, known for his accuracy and speed in editing.

But Ron was not done. He started to write, direct, and shoot his own films. He reached his childhood dream. Today, Ron stands on several awards and has no plans of slowing down. His films have been screened at major film festivals and are available on digital platforms.  

Ron Elliot that little boy with exceptional writing ability is now Ron Elliot the master storyteller. But wait until you hear what he has planned next.

This is the story… thus far… Of Ron Elliot.