Sabrina Francis is brave as she is charming. The Grenadian chanteuse fell deeply in love with music in her childhood but began her professional singing career in her late teens. Like many singers in the Caribbean, Sabrina held down traditional jobs in order to provide for herself. Though she appreciated the opportunities, she was convinced that her soul could only be happy if she was doing music full time.

Sabrina began working the local circuit in Grenada. Local gigs turned into regional ones and eventually international. What is remarkable is that Sabrina is not performing sets of the proverbial Reggae, Calypso and Soca songs. She prefers to perform Jazz and songs filled with African and Caribbean rhythms infused with Jazz. Sabrina decided to grab her career by the horns and face her challenges head on. To follow your own plan and strategy by offering your own style of music when most would advise against it, takes tremendous courage. Sabrina did it and is winning. She says that she had to adhere to her own authenticity. Like most young West Indians she loves the Soca genre, but, she admits that is not her home sonically.

Now on the cusp of a fourteen-venue tour in 3 of Europe’s most popular countries, Sabrina Francis is out to prove yet again that a little Grenadian girl with a dream and an abundance of talent will be the Caribbean’s next success story on the global music scene. The melodies and lyrics that she has packaged in her studio deep into the mountains of Grenada will be introduced to audiences under the bright lights and bustle of cities in the UK, Germany and Switzerland.

Sabrina Francis is the perfect blend of discipline, determination, humility and talent. Listening to Sabrina’s music is like sipping a glass of fine wine surrounded by light rain and cool breezes while observing the last bits of a Grenadian sunset. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the story… thus far… of Sabrina Francis.