The American South. The region that brought us the infectious rhythms of New Orleans bounce music, sweet tea, candy painted cars and perhaps less known but just as important… Samjah Iman.

Raised in the 80s and 90s on a fashion diet of neon colors, puffy sleeves and popped polo shirt collars, Samjah developed a love for all things stylish and fashionable. Clothing however was not the only thing that Samjah showed a flare for. From an early age her passion and talent for writing were noticeable and she was writing documentary scripts professionally by her sophomore year in college.

After undergrad Samjah Iman experimented with a career in film, but fashion continued to tug at her heart strings. The truth is, Samjah could have been a professional model. One look at her images and most may say she SHOULD have been a professional model. Samjah however had other plans, she decided to work her way up in the fashion industry writing and developing digital content. Her work has appeared on many platforms including She has covered events for New York Fashion Week. She became a triple threat when she became a photographer. Samjah Iman is AWESOME!

Today, she is the ultimate package. Content creator, writer, blogger, social media expert and photographer. Her journey is as complex as she is. Here the story… Thus far… of Samjah Iman.

If you wish to find out more about Samjah Iman, follow her on instagram at @samjahiman.