Like her father and brother before her, Tahirah Banks was destined for a career in music. At 13 she was the lead singer of one of her island’s rising soca bands. Wanting a change of scenery, Tahirah negotiated with her mother and decided to move to Houston Texas to live with her eldest brother.

Houston opened up a new world of possibility for her and although she was still in love with music, her experiences during both high school and college at the university of Houston expanded her dreams. In addition to the business of music, Tahirah explored the business of… well… Business.

Like many entrepreneurs she wasn’t always sure about what type of business she would start, however she knew one thing. She wanted to be her own boss. Her first venture, a music studio did not exactly work out. This, however, was a mere lesson, not the conclusion of her journey. Tahirah took the lessons learned from that experience and poured it into every other business that she has started since then.

With her entrepreneurial spirit guiding her, Tahirah graduated college and was ready to take on both the music business and her personal ventures. She was ready.

In the fall of 2013. Her world changed forever. Her best friend passed away after a car accident. A devastated Tahirah decided to end her music career and focus on building her empire on her native Anguilla. With the memory of her best friend fueling her, Tahirah has since  started several successful ventures, chief of which is the Thoughtful Agency. An agency that works across multiple platforms, providing marketing and technology solutions to businesses and organizations both in the Caribbean region and internationally.

Her journey has been quite interesting thus far. But it is far from over.

This is the story… thus far… of Tahirah Banks