Simply put Tamara Leonard is a warrior. A native of Dutch St. Maarten, Tamara fell in love with business from an early age. Both of her parents were entrepreneurs. Their work ethic and the independence that entrepreneurship allowed had a profound impression on her.

Though business was always her first love, she remembers seeing members of St. Maarten’s government being sworn into office after every election. There was something about being able to make changes in her community that spoke to her.

After completing studies in the US, Tamara would return to St. Maarten and fulfil her promise to herself by becoming a business owner. She admits that there were a few stumbles along the way, however she saw great success eventually. And yes… being a politician was always at the back of her mind, but it was not priority. That was until the opportunity came to her in the early 2010s. Tamara Leonard was elected to office on her first attempt.

However, this almost did not occur. During the election campaign she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was the fight of her life. Tamara however did not give up. With strength, hope and immeasurable faith in God, she pushed through and was able to defeat the disease. She went on to serve the people of St. Maarten well.

In late 2020 Tamara was again diagnosed with breast cancer. Fresh from her treatment, Tamara sat with me to discuss her ambitions, her philosophies and shed light on her journey with breast cancer.

Tamara is strong! Tamara is an inspiration! Tamara is a Warrior!

This is the story… Thus far… Of Tamara Leonard!